Recruitment challenges 2017 – What do we expect from a young talent?

Widely discussed in recent months qualified staff shortages continue to be a hot topic.

It is likely that the second half of the year 2017 will be even more so than in the past the employee market. Especially when it comes to young talents’ attraction there is a deep need in the market for students and graduates.

Yet, do we precisely know, what specific expectations should the ideal young candidate meet? Many things were said about the millennials and the expectations that young people have towards their first job. Has anything changed? Can employers engage and build a business advantage basing on creativity and innovations coming from young employees?

You are invited to share your experience in hiring students and graduates. What are the top challenges? Have anything changed in your perception of young candidates recently?

Have you figured out by now how to best draw their attention to your job offer and then attract them to work for you? We encourage you to complete the survey - it will take just five minutes.

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We will be sharing the report and a webinar invitation that will be held in September.
The project is organized by BIGRAM, conducted by Cube research.

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