Modern waste incinerator in Szczecin equipped with Deckshield resin floors

EcoGenerator in Ostrów Grabowski in Szczecin, a plant for thermal neutralization of waste, converts 150,000 tons of garbage per year into energy in a way that is safe for the environment. A number of innovative technologies have been used in the facility, including specialist Deckshield floors, produced and supplied by Flowcrete Polska, a leading expert on resin floors.

EcoGenerator in Szczecin, which provides electricity and heat for around 30,000 apartments, is one of the most modern waste incinerators in Poland. The automatic control system installed in the facility analyses 15 thousand variables simultaneously and is monitored on a regular basis by the control room operator. The reinforced concrete bunker for waste, which acts as a fuel tank, has a capacity of about 3,000 tons – as much as the plant processes in 6 days. The gantry operator mixes the waste in the bunker with the help of a shell gripper and then transfers it to the grates, where it is subjected to a thermal treatment. This is the only plant of this type in Poland equipped with a wet, highly efficient exhaust gas cleaning system.

In the EcoGenerator facility in Szczecin, 7,000 sqm of special Deckshield resin flooring in gray colour have been applied, which effectively protects the concrete substrate against damage caused by heavy mechanical, chemical and thermal loads.

Mechanical loads result, among others, from the fact that the waste is brought into the EcoGenerator by trucks, which are first weighed and checked, and then enter the unloading hall and drop the waste into the bunker. The combustion chamber is equipped with fuel oil burners supporting boilers, and the so-called non-flammable fractions, i.e. ash and slag from grates, are directed to the wet deslagging system. Oil and water stains can occur on the flooring, which is why the flooring system used in the plant should be resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, and at the same time should protect the substrate against leaks.

Deckshield is a group of flexible and waterproof, polyurethane based resin floors that are extremely durable and resistant to abrasion. These are solutions used among others in heavily loaded parking lots due to the high resistance of this type of floors to chlorides, oils, automotive service fluids and other strong chemicals. Deckshield's anti-slip texture increases the safety of people working in the plant, and their sound-absorbing properties make them reduce the noise generated by the movement of vehicles.

The EcoGenerator plant was designed by POLTERON Firma Inżynieryjna Sp. z o.o. from Kraków. The contractor for Deckshield floors was GT Projekt from Szczecin, Flowcrete Poland authorized contractor.

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