Interoute was born out of a vision to connect the business hubs of Europe to Europe's largest, fastest and most advanced fibre optic network.

Completed in 2002, today this network forms a massive platform connecting nearly 250 data centres and co-location facilities across Europe, and interconnecting America, Africa and Asia. Interoute provides connectivity, communications and computing services to a range of customers from ambitious start-ups, national and international enterprises, global telecoms and mobile operators, over-the-top (OTT) and internet giants, system integrators, channel partners to governments.

Today people and customers across the globe rely on Interoute's cloud-based services and our lit-fibre network (that is one equipped to control light waves) of 70,000km, which connects 126 cities in 29 countries; our 15 data centres, 17 virtual data centres, 33 co-locations facilities and  connections to an additional 195 partner-owned data centres. Our network also serves as the landing point for sub-sea cables from the Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, making Interoute the digital bridge between the North, South, East, and West. As demand for digital communications has grown, Interoute has expanded its portfolio and expertise to provide international businesses with infrastructure products, managed solutions and applications.

Continually ahead of the market, Interoute is at the forefront of cloud services, delivering innovative virtualised services across our network and data centres. At Interoute, we think we have created a superior alternative to the classic cloud, due to a unique combination of network assets, integrated cloud computing services, and our approach to the market. Interoute’s core network (owned and operated by us) provides a backbone that we sell to most of the major global cloud providers in Europe, and we serve enterprise customers across 125 countries. We have integrated into this global network a cloud platform, Interoute VDC, that allows you to build a global public cloud, to create a private cloud (on the fly), or to consolidate your legacy data centre infrastructures.

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