International MBA Programme

A full time International MBA Programme provided in English has been organized since 1993 by the Centre for Management Training (CMT) in co-operation with its partner universities.

The present partners in the International MBA Programme, in addition to CMT itself, are: The University of Warsaw, Bergische Universität GSH Wuppertal, The Ohio State University, The Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. The Programme is conducted by Dr hab. Roman Głowacki, University of Warsaw full professor, CMT President, alumnus of Harvard Business School.

CMT and its MBA programmes are highly regarded both in Europe and elsewhere. Since its foundation CMT has cooperated with the Harvard Business School. The Centre’s MBA programmes have occupied first and second places in the rankings of Poland’s master-level business programmes for the past 20 years. According to the Association of Management Education “Forum” previous edition of the programme, named the International MBA Programme, is included in the highest class (master class). The international institution, it is Eduuniversal Scientific Committee, has been rating this programme as the top one (third position) in Europe and the best one in Poland.

CMT’s MBA programme is geared to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s managers active in private or public organizations in Poland or abroad. The conceptual framework of the programme is based on the following premises:

  • guaranteeing a high academic standard of the educational programmes as set by leading Western management schools;

  • openness of the Centre’s faculty and students to a wide range of management theories, philosophies and approaches as well as respect for different opinions and views;

  • international character in terms of curriculum content, the faculty involved in lecturing and the student body;

  • fostering the development of the managerial skills necessary for professional leadership in the public, non-profit and for-profit sectors. The goal of the programme is to coach and train skilled, knowledgeable managers who can effectively meet the multiple responsibilities of the business world and public institutions;

  • accomplishing educational goals by the most efficient use of dedicated funds. The MBA programme has been developed and is regularly updated on the basis of the educational experience acquired by CMT and its partners;

  • in accordance with AACSB requirements the programme is spread over 1.5 years;

  • strong emphasis on case studies and on these aspects of the various subjects taught which are particularly relevant to a “European economic integration” perspective.

Entrance Requirements
Candidates for the MBA Programme at CMT need to hold a final degree awarded by a recognized institution in Poland or abroad (university or equivalent). They should have an adequate command of English language (at least “good” for active use and “very good” for passive use) and a minimum of two years of practical professional experience. They will be invited for a personal interview with the Selection Committee.

Tuition fee
 A total tuition fee is 12 000 EUROS or the equivalent in PLN at the average NBP selling price (National Bank of Poland).

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