How much do companies operating in the Business Services sector pay and what benefits do they offer?

Grafton Recruitment & Gi Group Report.

The latest edition of Business Services 2019 Salary & Market Trends Report from Grafton Recruitment & Gi Group explores the theme of creating a new organization and introduces the challenges and ways to maintain employee engagement. A key part of the report are the payroll tables for more than 270 positions, an increase of more than 100% in the number of roles surveyed compared to 2018 data. The report contains information on eight cities in Poland, i.e. Łódź, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań, Szczecin, Tricity, Warsaw and Wrocław. Payroll data are the result of the work of Grafton Recruitment experts on nearly 6,000 records and own data.

The report provides comprehensive knowledge about extra-salary benefits. Three tables show the two worlds, i.e. benefits that are important for employees and candidates and those offered by the companies surveyed by Grafton. The differences allow very interesting conclusions to be drawn. For example: for candidates and employees, benefits such as discounts on cultural events, free fruit, the possibility of obtaining professional certificates, flexible working hours and "home office" are of the greatest importance. For companies the most important things are medical care, access to sports cards or team building trainings.

In Business Services 2019 Salary & Market Trends Report experts representing the HR and BPO/SSC industries, including representatives of: ProProgressio, Nais, Nielsen, Six, Equatex, Rehau and BFF Banking Group share their views.

It’s worth perusing the report to find answers to questions such as:

  •  How to ensure continuity and initial competencies in the organization after full recruitment of the team and simultaneous transfer of processes when creating a new company?

  • Are the expectations and commitment of employees from the first waves of recruitment different from the expectations of currently recruited employees?

  • What are the challenges in terms of motivation and building commitment of the first employees and how to meet them?

  • What are the three main elements to maintain employee engagement and team stability after the first year of operation?

The Grafton Recruitment report will help the Business Services industry representatives plan their payroll policy and will tell you how you can approach the expectations of candidates regarding benefits.

The study is addressed mainly to: process managers, service centre managers, HR directors, recruitment managers.

IT industry leaders can also find in the report some helpful information: directors, department or division heads, e.g. CFOs, IT, HR or operations directors.

The list will be helpful for foreign investors who want to learn about the realities of the Polish remuneration market and benefits in this particular area.

The report has been prepared on the basis of n=5781

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