Fresh British lamb promotion at!

Fresh British lamb is available at a reduced price until 18th September, and with the purchase of two products you will receive an original British sauce for 1 grosz. All at

The promotion of fresh British lamb at is a part of a campaign to encourage new customers to try this delicate meat in the Polish market. The United Kingdom supplies over 40% of all lamb consumed in Europe.

Why is the British lamb so unique? Firstly, a centuries-old tradition: sheep have been bred on the Islands for over 3 000 years. Secondly, the humid and mild maritime climate: thanks to frequent rains, meadows and hills are covered with green succulent grass, providing sheep with an abundance of natural food. Thirdly, genetics: over 100 different sheep breeds are bred on the Isles, which addresses different needs of breeders and consumers.

Fresh British lamb is a delicate taste with exceptional nutritional values. Leading Polish chefs have already learned about the qualities of British lamb (see the film) – now the time has come for Polish consumers!

Original recipes for lamb can be found at

Bon Appetit!