Flowfresh antibacterial floors in Lech Drób poultry production facility in Zalewo

Zalewo/Warsaw, 12 February 2020 – Lech Drób poultry production facility located in Zalewo, in the Warmian-Masurian region, is one of the most modern plants of this type in northern Poland. The 25,000 sqm investment has been equipped with technologically advanced machines for slaughtering, disembowelling and cutting of poultry.

In the facility, on the area of 6,500 sqm, Flowfresh antimicrobial cementitious polyurethane resin floors were applied, with the use of technology and materials provided by Flowcrete Polska, a leading resin floor producer.

The Lech Drób facility based in Zalewo deals with slaughtering hens and chickens. The daily production at a plant with 500 employees is 300,000 kg. All poultry farms, which serve as the company's resource base, are under strict veterinary supervision, and many of them have implemented the HACCP quality system. The goods produced at the plant are delivered to sales points, chain stores and wholesalers throughout Poland.

In Lech Drób plant antibacterial Flowfresh SR floors, 5 mm thick, in red colour, with a non-slip surface, have been applied. Floors of this group are based on polyurethane resins and specially selected aggregates and cements. They contain an innovative Polygiene® additive based on silver ions, which reduces the amount of microorganisms on the floor surface by up to 99%. The antibacterial effect of Flowfresh floors has been tested and confirmed in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard, and the floor has also received the globally recognized HACCP International certification.

Flowfresh antimicrobial floors are intended for use in the food industry, including meat processing plants, in wet conditions. Floors from this group are thermally resistant and also durable and resistant to high mechanical loads, including intensive pedestrian traffic and forklift traffic. Due to their high chemical resistance, they protect the concrete substrate in meat production facilities against the effects of the detergents and organic substances such as blood or fats. A layer of quartz sand gives these floors anti-slip properties.

„We have used a number of modern and technologically advanced solutions in our plant, including production lines and machines from renowned European and Polish suppliers. The highest quality of equipment is of key importance to us, which is why we decided to apply in our facility Flowfresh resin floors, which received a certificate by HACCP International and meet the highest global standards used in food production,”–  said Małgorzata Segin, Director of Lech Drób production facility in Zalewo.

Resin floors in Lech Drób production facility in Zalewo were made by the company “MTeam” – Usługi Tomasz Matusiak from Łódź, Flowcrete Authorized Contractor.