Flowcrete Poland introduces new colours of itsterrazzo resin floor – Mondéco Classic

Flowcrete Poland, a leading producer of the highest quality resin floors, introduces new, original colours of its terrazzo resin floor system, Mondéco Classic. This high-class, elegant floor is made of coloured epoxy resin and marble aggregate, and then repeatedly ground and polished until the desired gloss is obtained.

Creating a basic colour palette aims at making it easier for architects and investors to choose the floor by presenting them proven solutions.

Due to many years of durability (up to 25 years), high abrasion resistance and an adequate level of slip resistance, the seamless and non-absorbent Mondéco floor is the optimal solution for the interiors of public buildings, such as office buildings, shopping centres, museums, public transport stations and airports, hotels or restaurants. It is particularly valued by architects due to its attractivevisual appearance and great design flexibility, because this technology allows to combine resin in almost any colour with specially selected mixtures of aggregates.

The Flowcrete Poland design department has developed a set of basic colours for the Mondéco Classic floor based on many years of experience in working with architects and existing projects in the country and worldwide. The new colour palette includes nine options, from the lightest – a combination of white resin with white marble aggregate, through various shades of gray to a combination of black resin and black aggregate.

„We have prepared a set of universal, proven colours for our most exclusive floor, Mondéco Classic, so that the architects and investors who visit our showroom can quickly find out what effects they can achieve by using terrazzo resin floor. It is still possible to create a floor in any colour matrix outside the base palette, for example red or yellow. Our proposals can then be used as a starting point to look for individual solutions,” – said Małgorzata Zajkowska, Architect and Specification Managerin Flowcrete Poland.
The adopted naming system for new, basic colours of the Mondéco Classic floor facilitates the identification of resin and aggregate colours. The standard palette uses four colours of epoxy resin (white, light gray, dark gray and black) and three colours of marble aggregate, which correspond to the symbolic terms: white is "Chalk", gray is "Steel" and black is "Coal".

For example, the floor based on light gray resin and white marble aggregate is called "Light Gray Chalk" and the floor based on dark gray resin and black aggregate is called "Dark Gray Coal".

Samples of terrazzo resin floors (Mondéco Classic), as well as other resin floors from the company's offer, can be seen in the Flowcrete Poland’s showroom, which is located at ul. Marywilska 34 in Warsaw.