Fast language trainings with YouEnglish & YouPolish, Wrocław, Sky Tower

Come to Wrocław, and for a few days fully focus on the language.

Full Intensity course:

3, 4 or 5 days of solid training - minimum 4 lessons a day; including lunch with your teacher; learning program carefully adjusted to your real needs; dynamic tuition, classes with different teachers (including native speakers); focus on speaking and learning what you really need.


Wrocław, Sky Tower, 44th floor, apt 1


immediately solve any specific problem you may have with the foreign language  

Full Intensity is an effective tool for students who:

  • feel blocked and want to finally speak without effort - at work or in everyday life

  • need to quickly improve their language skills (sort out the tenses, polish the conditionals, activate Present Perfect, improve phrasal verbs or any other vocabulary range)

  • have to quickly prepare for a meeting, negotiation, conference, trade-show, presentation, or any other form of public address

Who is it for?

For students who want to see instant results of their work; too busy for regular tuition, highly motivated, goal-oriented, impatient

Offer for students from other cities:

We offer 10% off on regular accommodation prices in the Sky Tower Apartments. We are also ready to help in organizing free time activities (meals, concerts, sport activities, sightseeing)


English, Polish, French, Spanish, Russian – all levels


pragmatic, highly individualized choice of teaching techniques to match students’ specific needs and personalities


individually selected and put together to match actual interests and needs of every FI student (all materials included in price)


20 lesson package - 3000 PLN
30 lesson package - 4000 PLN
40 lesson package - 5000 PLN

The price includes:

flexibility in lesson planning, training scope and training materials).

The price doesn’t include:

accommodation and travel costs

Our team:

professional linguists and with highest qualifications and large experience – philologists, translators, academic teachers, method instructors, natural teachers

Our students:

CH Robinson, Panasonic, Credit Agricole, Santander Consumer Bank,  UTC Eurospace, LG CHEM Poland, Wyższa Szkoła Fizjoterapii Andrzeja Czamary, LGI Polska, Alfred Talke, Kancelaria Prawna DZP, WDB Brokerzy Ubezpieczeniowi, Kancelaria Prawna Vratislavia Lex, PB Inter-System S.A., Active Polska, Softexpert, Mała Uczelnia, as well as many private students.


Ania Kucharczyk - tel. +48 535 634 899    (Office Manger)
Monika Majerska - tel. +48 517 611 206    (School Director),

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