Everything for the church and arts

The is already the 20th International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO held from 10 to 12 June 2019.  

The three days’ Targi Kielce expo abounds with organs, sculptures, icons and rosaries, there will be a book première galore and truly interesting conferences.

Following the many-year traditions, religious buildings and furnishing, interior design, lighting, sound equipment, fitments, liturgical vestments and many more church-related offering will be on display at the expo. The three days’ trade show is the display for new developments for churches  and religious buildings. Design and construction, repairs and renovations, insulation and thermal reconstruction, maintenance is just a fraction of the offering on show.  Heating, electrical, plumbing, alarm and fire protection installations novelties in religious buildings will also be presented here. The companies will also present landscape architecture trends for church yards, setting up necropolises solutions, archives and libraries creation and maintenance, most interesting developments in multimedia evangelism and much more. Art in various forms will also be lavishly presented: sculpture, paintings, iconography, stained glass, metalwork and blacksmithing complemented with music, works of art and devotional articles exhibitions. Pilgrimage offices and church publishing houses also present their offer here. The exhibition is targeted at priests, parsons, art historians, temple equipment manufacturers and parish councils. - The trade show is addressed at all those involved in the life of the church - said Andrzej Mochoń PhD., president of Targi Kielce.- Twenty years of SACROEXPO serves as the best proof that such an initiative is in great demand - adds Mr. Mochoń. An excellent opportunity to equip a parish and provide new accessories for it. Parishes’ collections may be expanded to include new publications, rosaries and everything the church structure cannot possibly go without. New book and publications premières and a mini concert of organ music are also a must at the expo. Just like in previous years,  we encourage consecrated persons to participate in the lottery -  the competition may win you a pilgrimage to Israel - the Holy Land.

The Medal of the Pontifical Council  for Culture - Per Artem ad Deum 2019

An important part of the SACROEXPO agenda is the awarding ceremony the Pontifical Council for Culture Medal.  Targi Kielce is the only place in the world where this unique distinction is awarded. This year the Medal will be awarded for the fifteenth time; it will be bestowed upon the artist whose art brings people closer to the the spiritual and religious dimension of life. The gala awarding ceremony culminates the first day of the exhibition. The musical and dance spectacle "Brodząc po wodzie [Water Wading]" and the Bornus Consort concert add the extra splendour to the function.           

Dialogue is the basis

The Per Artem ad Deum Conference - Arts Dialogue will enhance the events programme. The conference continues a well-established tradition. This year’s Medal laureates will take part the session : Aleksander Kornoukhov - a contemporary Russian mosaicist, Maciej Bornus Szczyciński - a composer, a pianist and singer, Poland’s pioneer of baroque vocal performances and Tadeusz Boruta - a painter and arts critic. The conference format is a series of interviews with artists followed with interaction with the audience. Fr  Witold Kawecki and Piotr Rosiński PhD. hab. Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce professor - an art historian will be the session moderators.

The next in series "Dialogues on Religion" conference will be devoted to religious persecutions and inter-religious conflicts. Konstanty Gebert (Judaism), Maciej Maliszak (Christianity), Andrzej Saramowicz (Islam), Fr Rafał Dudała (the moderator) will be a part of this panel. The Conference is organised by Targi Kielce and the WESOŁA54 Association.  

We look forward to seeing you - 10-12 June.  Free admission, open to the public, prior registration at www.sacroexpo.pl required.

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