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5 new trends in the design of resin floors in offices.

In today's work places the zones for meetings, conversations and exchange of ideas gain in importance. When designing office space, which is to stimulate creativity and foster integration, architects often reach for new, non-standard solutions, including resin floors.

Below are the most interesting new trends in the use of this technology in office space.

1. Floors inspired by the industry

The liking for simplicity and Scandinavian design is expressed in the use of solutions that until recently were associated only with production facilities or warehouses. Industrial aesthetics can be obtained by choosing seamless floors consisting of clear resin binder and coloured quartz sand granules or flakes, e.g. in shades of beige or gray.

2. Displaying the raw concrete substrate

Covering the concrete floor with a thin layer of clear epoxy resin protects it against dusting and everyday use, and at the same time allows for exposure of the natural substrate. This solution works well on large surfaces, when the remaining elements of office equipment are kept in a similar, minimalist aesthetics.

3. Elegant resin terazzo in the entrance area

Differentiation of the floor finish allows for visual separation of zones with different functions. A resin terrazzo floor that consists of various colourful or decorative aggregates incorporated into the resin mix and later diamond ground to deliver a smooth finish is an elegant solution ideally suited to the representative zones. In other parts of the office that require silence and concentration, carpet floors that damp the sound of footsteps, are most commonly used. Places at the interface between different materials are designed in such a way that the boundaries between them are blurred. For this purpose, thin aluminum strips and graphic patterns can be used, in which finishing materials are permeating each other.

4. The "WOW" effect, i.e. the floor in the focus of attention

In the case of resin floors, modern technologies give architects almost unlimited designing freedom. As a result, the floor is not just a background, and can become one of the main architectural elements that determine the character of space. Such effect can be achieved by applying a bold colour or a non-standard, impressive texture, such as stone carpets.

5. Contrasting combinations: white and black, gloss and matt

Smooth floors in shades of white or gray are an element often used in the creative industry, for example in advertising agencies or architectural studios. They create a modern, minimalist interior in which it is easier to focus and come up with new ideas. Contrasting black colour or a combination of gloss and matt makes the space look more stylish.

Contemporary offices are not only a place to work, but also a determinant of prestige and the way of building the company's image in contacts with business partners. Modern technologies allowing to obtain non-standard effects, such as resin floors, are more and more often chosen by designers due to their versatility and visual attractiveness combined with excellent performance parameters.

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