Dentons Launches Nextlaw Global Referral Network

Less than five months after announcing plans, the innovative, fee-free, quality-based network launches with more than 280 firms serving 160 countries.

Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, passed a major milestone today in its mission to reinvent and improve client service by launching Nextlaw Global Referral Network, a legal referral network with 283 member firms providing services to clients in 160 countries.  

Nextlaw Global Referral Network debuts as the broadest legal referral network in the world, measured by geographic coverage and number of law firm members. On its launch day, the network has more than 18,600 lawyers around the globe, with more to join in the coming months. The network utilizes a proprietary technology platform that enables member law firms to refer clients to the law firm most appropriate to their needs.

Nextlaw Global Referral Network differs from traditional pay-to-play legal referral networks in two ways: it does not charge a membership fee and it does not grant members territorial exclusivity. This enables clients to be referred to the right law firm with the right experience, not just the one that paid a membership fee or was granted an exclusive territory regardless of whether it can truly provide all the expertise a client needs in every location in that jurisdiction. With free membership, the ability to have multiple firms, regardless of size, with differing strengths and expertise in a single market, and a technology platform that promotes reciprocal repeat referrals, Nextlaw Global Referral Network is committed to connecting clients with top talent around the world and connecting high-quality firms with opportunities everywhere.

“At Dentons, we are committed to reinventing the business of law to connect clients to the right lawyer with the right experience in the right place,” explained Joe Andrew, Dentons Global Chairman. “Our sophisticated broad-based network can pinpoint that precise capability instantly for our network members and their clients.”

Elliott Portnoy, Dentons Global CEO, explained, “Each member firm has been thoroughly vetted for quality and we continue to build a global community of law firms that are aligned with one objective in mind—to provide all of our respective clients with the very best service available anywhere.”

Jeff Modisett, Nextlaw Global Referral Network CEO said, “The numbers speak for themselves. In less than five months since we made our initial announcement, we have attracted 283 top quality independent law firms to join forces with us. Because we don’t limit geographies to one firm who pays to play, and because we don’t charge annual fees, for the first time ever the client knows it is getting the right lawyer, not just the firm that paid to be in the referral network.”

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