Colours of the year 2021 – flooring inspirations from Flowcrete

In December the Pantone Color Institute announced which colours were recognized as leading in the year 2021.

Representatives of this institute have been choosing the colours of the year for over 20 years. According to the rules, these are the shades that correspond to the predicted and dominant trends at a given time. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the current mood is best expressed by soothing grey (Ultimate Grey), which embodies strength, resilience and fortitude, and optimistic yellow (Illuminating Yellow), which symbolizes the sun, hope, waiting for the change for the better.

The recommendations of the Pantone Color Institute inspire the world of fashion and design, including interior design. At the beginning of the year, flooring experts from Flowcrete Polska, a leading producer and supplier of technologies and materials for a resin flooring application, present examples of flooring projects in which grey and yellow play the leading roles.

In the case of Deckshield parking floors, a combination of grey parking spaces and roadways with yellow horizontal markings is one of the most popular. In addition to an attractive visual effect, it also guarantees optimal visibility of lines and symbols from the driver's position and thus increases the safety of all the car park users. Other combinations of these colours are also used, and example is the car park of the Bobrowiecka 8 office building (designed by JEMS Architekci), with the floors in shades of grey and yellow pillars.

Both parking floors and self-smoothing resin floors, such as Peran SL, are examples of solutions where the final colour results from the colouring of the resin. The Edinburgh Arts Center in the UK combines a seamless, smooth and glossy resin floor in yellow colour on corridors with another grey concrete-like finish in areas where pedestrian traffic is less intense.


In the case of resin terrazzo, for example, Mondéco, the final visual effect depends on numerous factors. The matrix of epoxy resin, coloured in the selected shade, has the greatest influence. However, the selection of marble aggregates and possible additives in the form of shards of glass, which make the colour of the resin seem more intense, and the pieces of mirrors creating delicate shades of light on the flooring surface – allows for obtaining a wide variety of shades.

There are also resin flooring technologies in which clear resins are used, and the colour is created by additives, such as, for instance, dyed mixtures of quartz sand in the Peran STB floor. This type of floor is very durable and hard-wearing, and also retains its perfect appearance for years. Thanks to this, it works both in industrial and public facilities.

Resin floors offer a wide range of design options, also in terms of colours and other visual effects. For this reason, when implementing even the most creative concepts, including those using the colours of the year 2021, it is always worth asking flooring experts for advice.