BSI Group becomes a Patron of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce

Welcome new Patron!

BSI Group, also known as the British Standards Institution (or BSI), the UK's national standards body, has become a Patron of the BPCC. In Poland, and across the EU, the BSI will be promoting the Kitemark, the BSI's certification symbol. Currently used to identify products which meet stringent safety standards in such critical areas as fire protection, electrical installations or crash helmets, the Kitemark may come into wider use should Brexit result in the UK abandoning the CE-marking system, the mandatory scheme for certifying goods that conform with standards in force across the European Economic Area.

In the event of the UK leaving the EEA, an alternative will be needed, and the Kitemark, created in 1903 to show compliance with British standards, becomes the logical alternative. Given that the UK is Poland's second largest export market after Germany, the importance of the Kitemark needs to be communicated to Polish exporters.

The British Standards Institution has a history stretching back to the reign of Queen Victoria, and has a Royal Charter granted in 1931. Today, BSI Group is one of the world's largest certification bodies, present in 182 countries. BSI Group has been present in Poland since 1999.

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