BPCC's events policy on COVID-19

BPCC's events policy on COVID-19

Dear Members,

A few of the large events that we were planning have had to be cancelled as several of our corporate members have introduced policies prohibiting their staffs' participation in events for 20 or more people.

This has affected larger conferences scheduled to take place in Warsaw, Wrocław and London in March and April. With the virus spreading at a rapid rate, it is wise to take such precautions.

The BPCC will continue to hold smaller events and workshops, for up to 19 people. These will take place either at the BPCC's Warsaw offices or in members' premises. If you would like to discuss any ideas for small-scale events, be it live or via some form of teleconference, please let us know.

The expectation is that the number of cases will grow, hence our approach to organising events may change accordingly.

We can only hope that taking precautions such as avoiding crowds, frequent washing of hands, not touching one's face and home-working wherever possible will slow the spread of the virus and everyone can get back to business as usual as soon as is prudent. Anti-bacterial hand gels have been ordered for our Warsaw and Wrocław offices and will be available for disinfection for all participants.

Who should avoid attending the events?
Please do not attend ANY events if you have visited a region with a high number of virus infections in the past weeks and/or have observed symptoms such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing problems. In such case you should first report to your nearest infection ward for examination and further medical assistance. If you have a pre-existing medical condition(s) which may result in a weakened immune system, please take extra care

The current situation in Italy proves that this is very serious threat and a disciplined approach is mandatory.

On behalf of the board and staff of the BPCC, we wish all our members, their families and their clients the very best of health!

Updated at 1:00pm 11 March: all March events organised by Warsaw and Wrocław offices are postponed until further notice.

More information about COVID-19 prevention:


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