Aura Sky – the highest residential building in Praga district in Warsaw with Deckshield resin floors in the parking lot

The Aura Sky building, which has recently obtained a use permit, is the highest residential building in Warsaw's Praga district.

It is also one of the first investments in this part of the city equipped with modern parking solutions of the highest quality, including specialist Deckshield floors, produced by Flowcrete Polska – expert in resin floors.

The 85-meter high Aura Sky building, located along Ostrobramska street in Warsaw, is one of the most characteristic buildings on the right bank of the Vistula river. This prestigious apartment building has 26 storeys above ground and offers approximately 580 flats with an area of 36 to 122 sqm, all of which have panoramic windows and glazed loggias, guaranteeing excellent insolation of interiors. From the top floors of the building there is a unique view of the skyline of the capital.

The Aura Sky building has been equipped with a number of modern solutions that ensure high comfort for residents. Underground parking is connected with residential floors by high-speed elevators. On three levels, there are 658 parking spaces, including 227 automated posts for two cars. At all levels of the car park, including the ramps, 8,500 sqm of Deckshield polyurethane resin flooring in grey with white horizontal markings was applied.

Deckshield parking floors are used to protect concrete slabs and ramps in car parks from damage resulting from heavy traffic. These are very flexible flooring systems with high bridging capability for cracks in the concrete substrate. The layer of a thickness of 1.5 mm is characterized by high mechanical strength and chemical resistance, including resistance against automotive fluids and chlorides contained in road de-icing salts. In addition, Deckshield resin floors increase the aesthetics and functionality of the car park – they reduce the noise associated with the screech of tires, while their bright, reflective colours visually enlarge the interior of the garage, and the non-slip surface and horizontal contrasting markings increase the safety of all users.

"What distinguishes Aura Sky is modern architecture and a high standard of finishing. In the building, we arranged elegant common areas, as well as a charming, internal garden, accessible only to residents. Attractive, bright parking areas significantly increase the aesthetics of the building. Effectively, they protect the concrete floor from damage, and at the same time make the parking in our building perceived by users as a friendly, safe space," – said Yona Rothschild, Proxy of Mill-Yon Gdańsk, Aura Sky developer.

The contractor for Deckshield floors in the car park of Aura Sky building was SYSTEM Posadzki Przemysłowe, Authorized Contractor of Flowcrete Polska.

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