Arrinera Hussarya GT Launches in Birmingham

Arrinera Hussarya GT Launches in Birmingham, Thursday 14th January, 2016

The first ever Polish GT class Racing Car - the Arrinera Hussarya GT - made its debut during Autosport International’s Racing Car Show in Birmingham on 14 January 2016.

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About Arrinera Racing Ltd.
Arrinera Racing Ltd. is a young, dynamic company originating from Poland. For the past few years they have been working on the development of the Arrinera Hussarya GT, Poland’s very first racing car in the GT category. Alongside the racing car, they are in the process of developing a road version of the Arrinera Hussarya for the supercar category.

About the Arrinera Hussarya GT
The name Arrinera Hussarya comes from a combination of three words: arinzea (“streamline” in Basque), vero (“truly” in Italian) and Hussarya (the historial Polish winged cavalry, an icon of invincibility). According to Pekala, the Arrinera Hussarya GT is “a racing car of exceptional design,  that will kindle strong emotions of all those passionate about fast and beautiful vehicles.”

The Specifics

Arrinera Hussarya GT has been designed to achieve optimal aerodynamics, for top results on racing tracks. Both the car’s body and aerodynamic parts were perfected in co-operation with Warsaw’s Technical University, under the supervision of Professor Janusz Piechna. His team was able to develop innovative technological solutions that allow for much better down-pressure to the track, with minimal loss on speed and acceleration. The car’s aerodynamics is biased toward track racing featuring a low positioned splitter diffuser and a flat floor.  Small canards (dive planes) located on the sides of front section of body increase frontdown-force and create diagonal air vortexes which, together with front “Air curtains”, minimize the influence of rotating front wheels on air flow.  Arrinera Hussarya GT’s aerodynamics are further enhanced by a long diffuser located under the cars body and a back wing that generates down-force and intensifies the efficiency of the diffuser. Another striking part of the Arrinera Hussarya GT is roof scoop – a vital part of the engine intake system. Due to its large size and location it allows a constant supply of fresh and cool air, which has a direct positive impact on the performance of the engine. It is made of carbon fibre with an additional aluminium frame for better resistance to any possible damage.

The engine
Arrinera is to be an ‘on demand’ car, with specification created according to its purchaser’s wishes. It has a centrally located V8 engine with a 6.2L capacity, generating from 420HP up to 650HP and over 580Nm till 810Nm of torque.

Arrinera’s drive is on the rear wheel. It is fitted with a Hewland LLS sequential, half-automatic, six-speed gearbox, steered via paddles located at the steering wheel. The car also has Pectel SQ6M inbuilt gearshift actuators, controlled through the steering wheel, integrated with traction control.

The Arrinera has a Cosworth ICD Pro computer – developed by Polish motorsport electronics manufacturer, Ecumaster, which enables readings and recordings of data and power distribution system.

Running gear & suspension
The car has a push-rod type wheel suspension which was designed specially for the Arrinera by Ohlins and is protected by copyright. It consists of two classical, triangular swingarms and regulated by shock absorber springs. The brake kit for Arrinera Hussarya GT was supplied by Alcon and consists of 380mm disc brakes and 6 piston calipers.

Wheels & tyres
The Arrinera Hussarya GT also has a sport’s ABS system supplied by Bosch. Arrinera have partnered with Michelin, therefore the car is fitted with S8H Michelin tyres installed on 18-inch Braid wheels.

Dimensions, weight & capacity
The designers of the car put a lot of thought into downsizing its weight. This was achieved thanks to a special BS4T45 steel used especially in motorsports cars. As a result, the racing car weights 1,250kg. With a space frame built in accordance with the FIA homologation, the whole body of Arrinera Hussarya GT is made from carbon fibre-aluminium honeycomb composite.

The price of the Arrinera Hussarya GT will start at £139,000.  Those interested in purchasing it may contact Arrinera Racing directly at, Tel: 00 44 7852 127021.

Arrinera is planning to test its car’s performance throughout 2016 and 2017 by entering it into a number of GT4 races in the open category. They are also considering the 24h series, Super Challenge Pirelli and the British GT Championship.

Official hashtag for Arrinera’s launch: #arrinerabirmingham

Additional information

Key experts of Arrinera Racing

Greg Pękala
Head of the technical team of Arrinera Racing and an expert in motorsports via his work for Mosler Europe & Lotus Motorsport.  He was personally engaged in the development of the Evora GT4, Evora GTE – Le Mans, EvoraEnduro&Evora Grand-AM version, and also the Exige Rally Car projects.

Piotr Biłogan
Arrinera’s mechanical engineer and an essential part of the Arrinera Racing team. He was responsible for the calculation of suspension systems and drive transmissions for the majority of F1 and DTM teams. He was also engaged in calculating endurances of gearboxes for vehicles in the TC2000, F3 & LMP2 category. This experience, as well as work for the Epsilon Euskadi team on the development of the LMP1 bolide, has helped him in the development of the Arrinera racing car.

Krzysztof Stelmaszczuk
Gearhead responsible for the design of rolling chassis and packaging of mechanical components. Additionally, coordinates tasks and prepare schedules for other team members in design and fabrication area to meet deadlines of prototypes building process.

Pavlo Burkatskyy
Pavlo is standing at the forefront of a new generation of Polish car designers. Proficient in both 2D and 3D design (as well as an expert in clay modelling techniques), he is responsible for designing the body of Arrinera Hussarya. Apart from his work for Arrinera, Pavlo has also been involved in designing some of the most interesting cars in recent years such as the Stealth B7 and Aquila Sport. When he is not working on new car design concepts, he is actively involved in inspiring potential young car designers through his work (and teaching) for CarArt.

Ambassadors of Polish motorsport present at the Arrinera stand at Birmingham

Gosia Rdest
Gosia Rdest is Poland’s most promising female racing driver. She started climbing the stairs to success in 2011, when she became the Polish Champion in Karting. Only 2 years later, in 2013, she became a numer one winner in races of much bigger scale, when she won the prestigious “Who ZOOMS" Award which is granted to the F4 racing driver with largest number of successful overtakes of the season. Gosia was also the only woman in the 2014 Volkswagen Castrol Cup and took the prestigeous second place in the Volkswagen Polo R India Cup 2014. She is also the ambassador of the "Golden FIA Rules - I want to be safe”. In 2015 Gosia participated in two racing series - Audi Sport TT Cup and Volkswagen Golf Cup. In 2016 her aim is to achive even more in Audi Sport TT Cup.

Maciej Dreszer
Maciej Dreszer (born in 1996), currently the champion of the European edition of BMW M235i Cup, in 2013 became the youngest competitor of Volkswagen Castrol Cup, finishing in 12th position. But the most important challenge came in 2014 when the then 18-year old Pole got invited by Doerr Motorsport from Germany to race a full season of Toyota Cup at Nurburgring. With 4 wins and 6 podiums in 9 races Maciej was the youngest driver in history to win the race in  the prestigious VLN Nürburgring racing series. The highlight of the 2014 season for Maciej was also a special invitation from Pirelli to race in ADAC Zurich 24h Rennen at Nurburgring – probably the most challenging endurance race in the world. Maciej finished it with 5th position in his category and made history as the youngest driver to ever take part in the iconic 24h event on Nurburgring. In 2015, Maciej received from BMW the title of rookie of the year. He won the European edition of BMW M235i Racing Cup and was second in BMW Class of 24H International Endurance Series. This year Maciej will make his debut as a driver of the Porsche Supercup 2016.

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