Antimicrobial Flowfresh resin floors with Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certification

Flowfresh antimicrobial resin floors have received Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certification issued by Eurofins. The document confirms that these products meet the strictest criteria for the volatile organic compounds emission and their production processes guarantee the highest quality and the care of the environment.

Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certificate for the Flowfresh flooring systems means these materials are suitable for use in buildings certified under LEED or BREEAM International systems.

The Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certificate for Flowfresh floors is valid until July 2026. The certification process comprises regular inspections in the production plant and tests of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions carried out following the EN 16516 standard in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. The document confirms that they meet the strictest indoor air quality requirements and regulations that are in force in the European Union and even beyond – in the field of sustainable development.

„ One of the key aspects of the Indoor Air Comfort® Gold label is that it requires the production facility to be monitored by Eurofins regularly. This certificate confirms that Flowfresh floors meet the requirements of the VOC emission.  It proves also that their production complies with the strict standards of the organization. The combination of laboratory tests of our materials and regular supervision of their production processes gives our customers the certainty that the flooring solution we provide positively affects the evaluation of the investment in the context of sustainable development – from the stage of sourcing raw materials, through their mixing, to full hardening of resin floors and their use," – said Mikołaj Tokarski, European Category Manager, responsible for flooring at CPG Europe.

Flowfresh antimicrobial floors are modern, seamless solutions for the food industry and other facilities where the highest level of hygiene is required. They contain Polygiene®, an antibacterial additive based on silver ions, which reduces the number of bacteria on the floor surface by up to 99%. These systems are based on polyurethane resin and specially selected aggregates and cement. The floors are resistant to mechanical damage and chemical substances and have exceptional resistance to low and high temperatures.

The certificate covers all Flowfresh floors. It comprises individual resins included in the systems build-ups and complete systems produced in the CPG Europe factory in Poland. The Indoor Air Comfort® Gold label is valid for floors such as Flowfresh MF, Flowfresh HF, Flowfresh RT or Flowfresh SR and material of an individual layer, e.g. primer or the topcoat.

Besides the Indoor Air Comfort® Gold from Eurofins, Flowfresh antimicrobial floors also have received the HACCP International certificate, which indicates that they meet the highest global standards of quality and food safety and thus can be applied in any food processing plant. Additionally, their antibacterial properties are tested and proved under the ISO 22196 standard.