A prestigious Bobrowiecka 8 office building with top-class parking floors

The office building Bobrowiecka 8, opened for use at the end of October 2017, was equipped with specialized Deckshield parking floors, which are manufactured by Flowcrete Polska, an expert on resin floors.

Bobrowiecka 8 is a modern and technologically advanced, 6-storey A-class office building, which offers approx. 25 thousand sqm of office and retail space and over 500 parking spaces in a two-level underground garage. Together with the neighbouring office building Bobrowiecka 6 and a high-class residential building, Bobrowiecka 10 it forms an urban complex in Lower Mokotów district in Warsaw, designed by the JEMS Architekci studio. The originator of the complex is Spectra Development, which implements an artistic project combining the culture of work and art in this investment. In the atrium of the Bobrowiecka 8 building, the "Garden of Art" was arranged, where the works of young artists will be presented.

– We want to create unique workplaces. Works of art inside the building and in the surrounding public space inspire, stimulate to action and strengthen creativity. At the same time, the use of modern technologies is intended to guarantee our tenants maximum comfort. We decided to choose Deckshield resin flooring for the garage, combining exceptional durability and excellent performance with attractive aesthetics – said Dariusz Sokołowski, President of the Board in Spectra Development.

In the parking lot of the Bobrowiecka 8 office building 15 thousand sqm of Deckshield resin flooring with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm, in contrasting shades of gray, was applied. Parking spaces have been designed in dark gray colour with light numbers, while on roadways floors in light gray with dark horizontal markings were made. Minimalist parking floors create a thoughtful, visually attractive composition with turquoise and yellow pillars as well as raw, unfinished cavity walls.

Deckshield is a polyurethane resin parking floor, designed to protect concrete floor slabs from damage caused by heavy traffic. These floors are flexible and watertight and have a high ability to bridge cracks in the substrate, thus effectively protecting structural components. The addition of quartz sand makes them resistant to abrasion and have an anti-slip effect. They are also chemically resistant to automotive fluids, such as fuels, oils, greases and chlorides contained in de-icing salts carried on tires.

Deckshield floors in the Bobrowiecka 8 office building were applied by Chemobud company from Puławy, Flowcrete Poland Authorized Contractor.

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