25 years of Flowcrete in Poland

25 years of Flowcrete in Poland – the company invests in R&D and launches a new laboratory.

Flowcrete Poland, a leading producer of high-quality resin floors, celebrates its 25th anniversary in Poland this year. To mark this occasion, the company opens a new, state-of-the-art laboratory, focused on R&D and product testing.

Flowcrete Poland has had its manufacturing plant and research laboratory in Warsaw since 2012. As a result of ever-increasing export to 17 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and rapidly growing production volume, the company moved to a new facility, also in Warsaw, two years ago. This was twice the size of the facility it replaced. Currently, Flowcrete Poland is the largest supplier of Flowfresh antibacterial floors within the Flowcrete Group around the world, and is also a leading producer of parking floor systems. In response to growing requirements in the field of research and innovation, the company has launched a new, state-of-the-art 150 m2 R&D laboratory.

In the recently opened laboratory, Flowcrete Poland undertakes research activities with a focus on developing new products that respond to the market needs of its clients. The company also shares know-how with Flowcrete Group R&D departments operating around the world, among others in Sweden, Great Britain and in the US.

“From the start of our operations in Poland, we have focused on the highest quality and innovative approach. We launched with our original Peran STB floor on the Polish market; this is technology based on clear epoxy resin and coloured quartz sands. To this day, it is this flooring, which has the highest abrasion resistance, that sets the market standard for industrial floors. For years our team has been creating tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to our new laboratory, we have perfect conditions to develop R&D activity in Poland,” – said Barbara Radziwon, Managing Director of Flowcrete Central & Eastern Europe.

The new Flowcrete Poland laboratory also conducts quality controls for each production batch, which include visual assessments, density and viscosity tests, UV chamber tests, binding-time tests, and also mechanical and chemical resistance tests. The modern equipment also allows for on-site testing of concrete substrates, such as humidity tests and ‘pull-off tests’, and also slip-resistance tests of the ready-to-use resin floors.



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