Sourcing from Poland

BPCC Trade specialises in helping British companies to Export to Poland.

Inevitably this puts us in contact with many Polish companies placing us in a unique position to also help source production of products from Poland. There are considerable opportunities to develop your business by sourcing from high quality, great value suppliers. The challenge is to find companies that can meet;

  • quality standards/certification

  • capacity requirements

  • continuous supply demands

  • on-time delivery

  • competitive price levels

  • export experience and references

  • flexible management techniques

In addition there are cultural and sometimes language barriers to overcome. So our recommendation is for you to outsource this work to BPCC Trade. We will do our best to identify suitable suppliers that match your criteria. We see initial contact as our main area of strength due to our experience and the reputation of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce in the Polish business community.

If you wish to discuss your specific requirements please contact:

British Polish Chamber of Commerce

ul. Zielna 37
00-108 Warszawa