Sourcing from Poland and CEE

Sourcing from Poland and CEE

BPCC Trade have a dedicated team specialised in sourcing, procurement and outsourcing production of products in markets across the Central and Eastern European region, with experience from Poland to Turkey.

There are considerable opportunities to develop your business and source quality, good value suppliers from Central and Eastern Europe. But it is a sizeable task to find appropriate companies that meet:

  • quality standards/certification

  • production capacity

  • continuous supply demands

  • on-time delivery

  • competitive price levels

  • export experience and references

  • flexible management techniques

On top of this there are cultural and often language barriers to overcome.

Searching for quality suppliers requires patience and an approach aimed at building long-term relations. Having worked in various industry sectors, our specialist team has fine-tuned a process that is tailored to each client’s specific requirements, for the best results.

Sourcing and setting up supply chains in Poland and CEE is an extensive process. In most product categories we start by screening anything between 100 and 600 companies, in local languages.

The BPCC Trade Sourcing Team team led by Marek Schejbal has successfully completed projects in the following sectors:

  • semi-processed and packaged foodstuffs

  • glassware, ceramics and household goods

  • bathroom furniture, fixtures and fittings

  • building materials and fittings

  • wooden flooring, components and furniture

  • paper and packaging

  • casting, machining, metalworking

  • engineering and automotive

  • chemicals and plastics

  • personal protection products (safetywear)

  • medical equipment, furniture and consumables


If you wish to discuss your specific requirements please contact:

Marek Schejbal
Senior Consultant

Mobile: +48 660 761861


British Polish Chamber of Commerce

ul. Zielna 37
00-108 Warszawa


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