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You have 72 hours to respond after a breach... was personal data compromised?

In the latest in our 'Path to GDPR' webinar series, we will address data breaches and how to respond to them.

If your organization suffered from a data breach, how would you react? What is your responsibility in relation to GDPR and disclosure? How can you find out if any Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) has been affected?

Find out how you can use existing principles from the incident response and forensics fields to organise and manage the investigation into the breach.

In this Webinar, Conor Gavin and Damir Kahvedžic, two of BSI's most experienced Cybersecurity consultants, will discuss:

  • Your responsibility in relation to GDPR if your organization’s data is breached

  • How you can find out if PII is affected

  • The merging of the GDPR, incident response and digital forensics fields

  • How your organization can benefit from having a coherent and organised incident response team

  • Types of incident response and what we are looking for; finding the needles in the haystack in terabytes of data

  • How digital investigation approaches can help you work towards compliance to GDPR

  • Forensics and incident response; methodologies, scope, process and timelines

  • Demonstration of software platforms to assist with data investigations and review

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2017-09-19, 03:00 pm (this event is in the past)

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