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Real Estate & Construction breakfast Q1

British-Polish Chamber of Commerce invites its members to the Q1 real estate and construction breakfast.

How is the Polish contruction shaping up? Are we still seeing new investors from abroad looking at projects in Poland - which sectors are most interesting to them? Industrial, retail, commerial, residential, hospitality or infrastructure? How are yields shaping up? What about input costs - materials and labour? Is BIM gaining traction on the Polish market? Has public procurement improved? Has it become easier to optain planning permission? What barriers need to be lowered/eliminated?

The first Construction and Real Estate Breakfast of the 2020s is looking for answers, and looking across the sectors for the issues that the BPCC will take forward in coming quarters.

The aim is to come, to talk openly and listen and gain insights that only come from within a group of investors, developers, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects and real estate advisors. As usual, the Chatham House rule will apply - namely, you can say what was said at the meeting, but you're not allowed to say who said it. This formula encourages a frank exchange of experience and outlook that will be helpful to all participants.



Introduction and welcome - Michael Dembinski, the BPCC's chief advisor, sets the scene for the roundtable meeting, after which each participant will introduce themselves to the group.


State-of-trade roundtable - each participant has several minutes to talk about how they see their particular sector, the salient issues they are facing. The list of questions above will be a useful point of reference.


Open discussion - participants will have time to expand upon issues of common concern that have emerged from the roundtable.


Networking - chance for one-to-one conversations and swapping of business cards over coffee

Priority will be given to companies closely bound to the RE & Construction sector.

Policy Groups
2020-02-28, 09:00 am (this event is in the past)

Venue Siedziba BPCC, Zielna 37
Organiser British Polish Chamber of Commerce