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Learning foreign languages in a company - bonus or trouble?

British Polish Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with YouEnglish/ YouPolish have a pleasure of inviting you to the sequel meeting of "Learning foreign languages in a company - bonus or trouble?".

Last year’s edition of this event attracted a lot of attention and inspired a vivid discussion among HR managers, YouEnglish / YouPolish would like to invite you to their Sky Tower office to further discuss foreign language tuition in companies. There will be new topics, new ideas and a new speaker – Ms Janey Futerill, Principal of  Regent London and OISE London.

The event will take place on Wednesday,16 October at 11:00 am in YouEnglish/YouPolish head office, SkyTower, apartment no 1,44th floor, ul. Gwiaździsta 64, Wrocław.


A short overview of the current language training system in companies – what works and what doesn’t work.

What motivates employees to learn a foreign language? And what puts them off?

Changes in the legislation. What can employees be offered inlieu of a compensatory payment for unused  leave?

How to turn a problem into a bonus? Or a language training course into the HR director’s attractive and effective motivation tool?  


  1. Monika Majerska, YouEnglish / YouPolish (Owner)

  2. Marek Herda, YouEnglish (Academic Manager)

  3. Janey Futerill (Principal of Regent Oxford)

Prosimy o potwierdzenie udziału do 15 października 2019 by return e-mail to: wroclaw@bpcc.org.pl

2019-10-16, 11:00 am (this event is in the past)

Venue SkyTower, apartment no 5, ul. Gwiaździsta 64, Wrocław
Organiser BPCC, YouEnglish