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Leadership in a period of transformation

Arthur Hunt Consulting and the British Chamber of Commerce are pleased to invite you to a business meeting about the challenges that face leaders during times of transformation.

The meeting takes place on 28 June. (09:30–12:30)  (registration at 09:00) in the offices of Arthur Hunt Consulting Polska, ul. Wiejska 11 lok 18, Warsaw, (2nd floor).

“Personal and organisational effectiveness is proportionate to the strength of leadership”  – J.C Maxwell.

Managing the organisation in a constantly changing environment is a great challenge to many of us leaders. There are many factors we need to consider while managing such complexity: newcomers with a more agile approach capable of thinking outside the box, internal reorganisations and adjustments, new generations of employees (Millennials, Generation Z), rapid changes in the market and the economy. Success in transformation is within the reach of most business leaders and is result of teamwork. Whatever we accomplish will be determined by our ability to lead others. We'll be asking:

  • How should you handle a situation in which you must deliver change without having the 'top players' in the organisation?Where should you find the balance between strategic activities and daily work?

  • How do you  create added value with people you have on board? And how do youinfluence them to follow you?

  • What about the impact of those changes to the team and to you personally as a leader?

  • What methods should you choose to go through the transformation phase to make it successful?

There are more questions as the transformation is something we face every day. We are keen to hear your views during the meeting.

The workshop will be led by Dorota Grudzień Molenda, Managing Partner of Arthur Hunt Consulting Polska, coach, trainer and experienced manager, and Axel Parkhouse, President of Arthur Hunt Group, market expert and consultant on transformation management.

The consultants will share with you their knowledge, experience and present some inspiring methods based on such great experts and leaders as John C. Maxwell and Dr Håkan Svennerstål. Our experts invite you to a discussion during the meeting.

The meeting is aimed at those managers who are interested in increasing their leadership competencies.

Organisational aspects:

  • The meeting will be held in English and in Polish (partially).

  • Participation is free, places will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • The organisers reserve the right to select applications, in particular, to refuse any application from entities operating in competition with Arthur Hunt Consulting in Poland and reserve the right to cancel the seminar if there are fewer than 10 registered participants.

 Please fill in the form before 25.06.2018 in order to register for the event.

Policy Groups
2018-06-28, 09:30 am (this event is in the past)

Venue Arthur Hunt Consulting Polska, ul. Wiejska 11 lok 18, Warsaw, (2nd floor)
Organiser BPCC, Arthur Hunt

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