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Is Poland's manufacturing industry facing a skills shortage?

This event will serve as a platform for manufacturing businesses from all sectors to discuss the issue of skills and vocational training. Like the UK, Poland has identified the potential lack of craft and technical skills as a potential barrier to manufacturing.


The challenges of providing manufacturers with a suitably trained workforce to meet future requirements need to be tackled by employers working hand-in-hand with the public sector. 

Demographic changes along with rapid innovation mean that unless urgent steps are taken to address future needs, manufacturers will increasingly struggle to find suitably qualified employees in Poland.

What should employers, the Polish government, regional and local authorities be doing now to ensure that manufacturing industry continues to have access to the human resources needed? What should be done to ensure that firms will have access to the skills needed in five or ten years' time?

This meeting of the BPCC Manufacturing policy group gives members the chance to visit Poland's largest chemicals factory - Grupy Azoty's Puławy plant,  as well as the Technology Park, home to a cluster of lifesciences start-ups. 

It is aimed for HR managers and directors from manufacturing industry, recruitment companies, and all manufacturers interested in visiting the Puławy plant - an exciting place to see.



09:00 - 09:30


09:30 - 09:45

Welcome and introduction
Zenon Pokojski, deputy chairman of Grupy Azoty Puławy plant;
Justyna Orzeł-Szczepańska, director of the Puławy Science and Technology Park

09:45 - 10:05

Poland's labour market - supply and demand for manufacturing workers

10:05 - 10:30

What is Poland doing to address the future skills needs of manufacturing industry

10:30 - 11:15

Panel discussion: Best practice in creating links between business, education and the labour market
Krzysztof Gumieniak, director of the Puławy labour office (Puławski Urzęd Pracy)
Henryk Głos, head of the Maria Curie Skłodowska Technical Schools
Prof Grzegorz Smyk, vice-chancellor of the UMCS Puławy Campus
Zenon Pokojski, deputy chairman of Grupa Azoty Puławy plant 
Maciej Ślęzak, director of Poland's Industrial Development Agency (ARP) Tarnobrzeg branch

11:15 - 11:35

Presentation of the Puławy Science and Technology Park

11:35 – 12:00

Poland's Technology Transfer Platform - finding innovative projects online
Jakub Moskal – project director, ARP

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 15:30

Organised visits (in small groups) of the Grupy Azoty Puławy plant and the Puławy Science and Technology Park



Members wishing to take part in this meeting will have to provide basic personal details for health and safety and security reasons by Monday 2 November. Please contact agnieszka.garbacz@bpcc.org.pl.


Policy Groups
2015-11-18, 09:30 am (this event is in the past)

Venue Puławski Park Naukowo Technologiczny, ul. Mościckiego 1, 24-110 Puławy
Organiser British Polish Chamber of Commerce

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This was the question posed at the second meeting of the BPCC’s Manufacturing Industries Group, held at the Puławy Science and Technology Park (PPNT) on 18 November. It was jointly organised with Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe S.A. and PPNT.

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