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BPCC Academy: The Secrets of willpower

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce together with The School of Life Amsterdam and Omnitec welcome you to interactive class - The Secrets of willpower

Loosing a few kilos, working out more, quitting smoking… Finding a new job, creating a new future, becoming a millionaire… We usually have a pretty good idea of what we want from life, but often achieving our goals turns out to be quite hard. We get distracted, frustrated or simply don’t know how to go about it and give up altogether. The good news is that with a few useful insights and tools it’s very well possible to create significant change in your life.


In this dynamic class we look at ways to achieve deeper levels of satisfaction in our lives. Which goals truly match our values and lifestyle? How can we formulate them in a way that they become achievable? How can we break old habits and create new, constructive and positive routines? And how can we train our willpower to make sure that we persist when the going gets rough?

Being able to find answers to these questions will greatly help us improve the quality of our lives. By investigating what philosophers, psychologists, artists and behavioural scientists have to say on these issues, you will discover practical insights and usable tools that will help you achieve your goals while enjoying the process.

Frits Philips is a professional copywriter and a storyteller. He loves language, good stories and people. His mission in life is to help people get better at what they do and discover aspects of themselves they didn’t know they had. To Frits, the creative process is not necessarily a means to create beautiful things, but a wonderful path of discovery and a way to better understand oneself and the world.

Cost of participation:
Members: 150zł + VAT
Non-members: 250zł + VAT

The workshops will be held in English.

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you have problems registering on-line, you can register by sending an email to akademia@bpcc.org.pl, including the following information: name, job title, email, company name and invoice details.

2015-06-02, 09:30 am (this event is in the past)

Venue Centrum Konferencyjne, ul Zielna 37, 00-108 Warszawa
Organiser British Polish Chamber of Commerce