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Power to empower. BPCC & SPCC businesswomen network in Kraków.

Coaching session on a role of a leader in a decision making process.


Facing the current  challenges related to a constantly changing working environment and growing power of women in business processes, two chambers – British-Polish and Scandinavian-Polish have organised a special event on the 19th of April addressed only to women. The meeting was hosted by Kinnarps, a leading provider of office equipment and design and a member of both chambers.

The meeting gathered over thirty women at the middle and high level positions, who face everyday situations that require immediate action and decision-making in a very effective way. Women took their seats around the spacious room on Kinnarps chairs and sofas of all different colours and shapes that inspired a very informal and cozy atmosphere.  

The guests were welcomed by Urszula Kwaśniewska, Regional Director of Kraków Office at BPCC who highlighted the growing importance of joint efforts of the chambers in providing the members with high quality events. The SPCC was represented by Ms. Sylwia Wojtaszczyk Ciąćka - Project Manager.

The issue of the efficient organisation of the office space was introduced by Ms. Beata Osiecka, the CEO of Kinnarps. Her presentation „Next office concept” showed the current market trends in organising such friendly environment that inspires the creativeness of employees. She encouraged the guests to think outside the box and find solutions beyond walls and desks.  Ms. Osiecka herself is also an experienced leader and a member of the board of  Women Leadership in Business Foundation and the author of a book „Businesswomen – Lidershipwomen”.

The coaching session followed and was a real sample of decision making process in difficult circumstances. The case study was conducted by Mr. Piotr Wysoky from House of Skills. He invited the participants to take up a role in the expedition to Himalaya where the teams had to split in order to reach the peak. The exercise was aimed at showing how the way of decision-making of a leader of the team impacts the expedition and the safety of the teams. As next the women shared their preferred model of leadership and discussed the competences of a modern and wise leader. Does the leader makes decision on his own, consult with selected team members or the whole team, or perhaps delegate the process to others? That question remained unsolved and caused stormy discussions, even after the case was over.

The closing remark from Mr. Wysoky was that  „We have to remember that priorities change as consequences change. The women who took part in the real expedition had to show the driving force and organisational skills and thank to that they could have shown their independence, without the help of men”.

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2016-04-19, 03:00 pm

Venue: Kinnarps Showroom in Kraków, ul. Wadowicka 6D, Kraków
Organiser: British Polish Chamber of Commerce