Past event

Polish entrepreneurs learn the latest e-commerce skills at BPCC/PBLink seminar mixer

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce, together with PBLink, the premier networking platform for Polish entrepreneurs in the UK, held another meeting in the seminar-mixer series.

The event brought together over 70 Polish entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses in London and South East England, to acquire insights into the latest developments in e-commerce. Opening the event, Michael Dembinski, the BPCC's chief adviser, pointed out that the World Wide Web had just celebrated its 25th anniversary. "In another 25 years time, people will no longer be referring to e-commerce; it will be simply called 'commerce', he said. He also mentioned the publication by the Centre for Entrepreneur Research and DueDil of a report into migrant entrepreneurs in the UK, which showed that Poles were the sixth most active nation when it comes to setting us businesses in Britain. "The survey shows that almost 22,000 Polish managing directors have set up over 21,000 companies in Britain. On top of that, a further 62,000 are self-employed. This shows just how much Poles contribute to the UK economy."

The main part of the event focused on five presentations showing the cutting edge in e-commerce. Marcus Groess of Ve Interactive gave some extremely valuable tips on building an e-commerce website that works, pointing to the mistakes that companies often make. "Even changing the colour on the 'buy now' button can boost sales by several percent," he said. "When designing a car, no one puts the gear lever on the ceiling. The same with websites, functions must be familiar." Michalis Michael of DigitalMR talked about leveraging the social media for maximum effect. "Social media now allow firms to engage in conversations with the customers, something they never could do before," he said. He contrasted a marketing campaign in the old days with one for the same product today, showing how much more complex it needs to be.

Victoria Berry of Turner Law talked about the legal issues surrounding e-commerce and what entrepreneurs need to be mindful of when selling products online. In particular, compliance with data protection, online payment and consumer protection laws needed attention. Katarzyna Karpiuk of Media Impact Poland looked at the practical aspects of internet marketing in business, drawing on her experience with Poland's largest portal, Onet. And the place of the mobile phone in e-commerce was covered in a presentation by Joanna Saurat and Tomasz Kowalczyk of Inteon mobile. "2013 was the year of the smartphone - the year when for the first time, the majority of the UK's population was using this device. This has a huge impact on e-commerce companies," said Ms Saurat.

After the main presentations, there were a few case studies, after which there was an opportunity for all participants to introduce themselves and their businesses to everyone else. Over canapés and drinks, networking carried on informally. Many participants then moved on to the Sea Horse pub across the road from MoneyGram. Some enjoyed the networking so much that they missed the last tube train home!

The event, sponsored by Turner Law, was held in the offices of the event host, MoneyGram, at the money-transfer company's City of London headquarters. Parters of the event were BC Print, Inteon and Santander.