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Industrial IoT – how Internet of Things changes the modern business

Two member companies of British origin operating in the field of IT services and knowledge management, have offered a training on Internet of Things addressed to BPCC members and businesses selling their goods to international markets. The session took place on 24th November in a small pub that produces beer in line with the British recipe in their own microbrewery - T.E.A. Time Brewpub at.Dietla 1.

The Guest were welcomed by Ms. Sylwia Śpiewak, the co-onwer of the brewpub. She introduced the guests with the history of the place and unique way of brewing in an ecological way and being with accordance to the old recipe of British family who invested in a place. How much beer matters and how much it is a part of British culture the participants could have experienced during the training as they could have taste different ales and lagers and learn new things at the same time.

The two presentations were given by Mr Marcin Kasz, Product marketing Manager from and Mr Paweł Kowaluk, Technical Director of 3di Zarządzanie Informacją. They both focused on a practical examples on how the beacons can be used by companies (Kraków keeps staying on the top in the ranking of the world`s producers of beacons) and on possibility of the efficient translation of the content that goes with the product and devices. They also introduced the most understandable definition of Internet of Things which is the management of data hidden in electronic devices operating via radio waves. is a global leader on a market of solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy. The company connects the real world with Internet of Things for over 17 thousands of clients in 120 countries, delivering them the Bluetooth Beacons of the highest quality along with the software, expertise as well as installing services and maintenance of infrastructure. Technology that is being created by the team from allows creating complex systems of IoT (Internet of Things), including applications that allows for monitoring the stock in a real time,  effective people management or creating  personalised systems for the retails sector based on geolocation.

The company appeared on the map of start-ups in 2013. Today it has over 90 people on board in 5 globa; offices – in Kraków, Berlin, New York, Shenzhen and Guadalajara. Their  portfolio includes such brands as T-Systems, IBM, McDonalds, Carrefour or FC Porto. It is thanks to the that Kraków is known worldwide as as Valley of Beacons.


3di Zarządzanie Informacją: The company writes technical content for its clients, runs translations projects and implements the technologies of management, processing technical, servicing, marketing contents for sales persons and partners as well as contents for users of systems and products, users guides, online help, repositories of knowledge, training and e-learning. More at:



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2016-11-24, 05:45 pm

Organiser: BPCC,, 3di