Past event

Competence volunteering – volunteering programme of the future against employee experience

On 25th of January 2017 a seminar titled ,,Competence volunteering – volunteering programme of the future against employee experience" was held in the headquarters of Cognifide company in Poznań.

The event was co-organized by the Foundation Habitat Poland and Deloitte Poland, under the patronage of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Presentations were based on specific examples taken from the personal experiences of the experts. Listeners had therefore an opportunity to verify the popular assumptions, and at the same time take notice of practical tips, useful in the implementation of volunteer programs in their own companies. Speakers raised the issue of fundamental difficulties associated with convincing the management to include employee volunteering in the development strategy of a company, as well as outlined methods of motivating employees to engage in social activities.

The experts focused on interactive form of presentation, encouraging audience to ask questions. Consequently, during the meeting which finalized in the panel discussion, some additional aspects of the discussed topics were raised, including issues that undoubtedly will be developed in the next edition of the seminar.

Keywords volunteering
2017-01-25, 09:30 am

Venue: Cognifide, ul. Murawa 12-18, entrance B, Poznań
Organiser: British Polish Chamber of Commerce