Past event

Changes to the Polish energy and environmental protection law

The BPCC's CleanTech policy group met on 17 April to hear about Poland's state of works over the draft of laws on renewable energy and the co-firing of renewable feedstock along with coal.

Magdalena Mitas, partner at law firm Kochanski, Zieba, Rapala & Partners made an introductory presentation, setting out the current status of the of energy laws drafts. She advised that the legislators were currently working on version 6.3 of the draft – which they claimed should be ready by the end of this year. At the same time, as work on the renewable legislation is progressing, the Energy Law Act has been amended by a draft bill dated January 24th, 2014 which allows the support system dedicated for co-firing to be extended until 2018.

Another issue that Ms Mitas discussed was the position of so-called 'prosumers' –individuals who generate their own electricity from renewable sources and sell the surplus to the grid, focusing on the financing opportunities provided by the NFOŚGW Prosumer Program as well as the financial support rules provided by a draft on the renewable energy law.

After the presentation, there was a spirited discussion with representatives from business and NGOs.