Past event

Business breakfast ,,What is stressing the HR department?”

On 1 March, under the patronage of the BPCC a Business breakfast was organized, entitled ,,What is stressing the HR department?”. The meeting was focused on analyzing current challenges and problems that all HR specialists have to face.

The event took place at the headquarters of KS Service in Wrocław, where company experts undertook to analyze the market and situation of employers as of today, but also in the perspective of the following years.

Speakers raised the subject of potential threats related to the employment of foreigners, dispelling typical doubts and fears. They also highlighted the most common pitfalls when signing contracts, presenting proven solutions and necessary precautions.

Due to the exclusive nature of the meeting, the gathered participants actively exchanged experiences and insights, which allowed them to personalize the discussed issues.

2018-03-01, 09:30 am

Venue: KS Service headquarters, ul. Ruska 23/10 (IVp.), Wrocław
Organiser: BPCC, KS Service