Past event

BPCC Krakow: Workshop on delivering effective business presentations

On 7th October 2014, British Polish Chamber of Commerce hosted Berlitz: Languages for Life workshop in Krakow’s PURO Hotel. The event was organised in partnership with Berlitz Poland.

The BPCC workshop which attracted around 20 representatives of companies headquartered in Malopolska was opened by an introductory statement of Urszula Kwasniewska, director of BPCC Krakow. Patrycja Kriszpin, director of Berlitz Cracow Learning Centre, was next to take the floor. She made several remarks on the idea behind the workshop. Subsequently, the participants of the workshop presented themselves and the companies they represent, as well as they stated the reasons for which they had decided to take part. The merits-related part of the workshop was initiated by Berlitz Poland instructors Ms. Monika Kosowska and Mr. Mark Micaleff. They shared useful expressions in English that are worth applying during business presentations to make one’s appearance more attractive to their audience. Afterwards, the participants had a chance to make use of them during trial presentations on a given topic.

The second part of the workshop was devoted to most common mistakes that speakers make during their presentations. Hence, the participants were told how to successfully avoid them and how to enhance people listen to a presentation. In course of the workshop, they also learnt how to cope with difficult and unexpected questions. Additionally, they were made familiar with unique methods to keep the audience focused during longer presentations. The participants also discussed different kinds of delivering business presentations. They analysed in which situations an American way of giving a speech is more effective than a German one. During a coffee break, the participants of the workshop had a chance to network and visit new business suits of PURO Hotel.