Past event

BPCC Krakow and Roedl & Partner: HR Policy Group on Protection of Employees’ Personal Data

On 27th November 2014, British Polish Chamber of Commerce hosted HR Policy Group meeting: How to protect personal data of our employees?. The event was organised in partnership with Roedl & Partner, one of the leading companies providing tax, legal and audit services.

The BPCC workshop which attracted around 20 representatives of HR departments of companies headquartered in Malopolska was opened by an introductory statement of Jakub Bielamowicz, a representative of BPCC Krakow. He stated that we constantly come across duties regarding data protection, particularly in our professional life. He underlined that the current legislation imposes such duties not only on employers but also on other employees at a company. In his closing remarks, Mr. Bielamowicz strongly encouraged to benefit from significant know-how and experience of Roedl & Partner, a very active BPCC’s member. Anna Smagowicz-Tokarz, Associate Partner at Roedl & Partner in Krakow, was next to take the floor. In her brief statement, she presented her company and discussed its areas of activity.

The merits-related session was conducted by Aleksander Adamus, an attorney-at-law at Roedl & Partner, having an extensive expertise in personal data protection and labour law. He started his presentation by explaining the legal definitions referring to the personal data protection of employees. Furthermore, he briefly described all legal acts that apply to HR departments and mentioned all situations in which we process personal data. Mr. Adamus thoroughly analysed at which stage specific personal data can be requested and processed by an employer. A large part of the presentation was devoted to the crucial question of employees’ consent to process their personal data. Mr. Adamus named all necessary requirements for such a consent to be considered valid. In the last part of his presentation, he went into details of employer’s responsibility for infringements of personal data protection. As Mr. Adamus stressed, an employer may bear both administrative and criminal responsibility.

The legal issued discussed throughout the meeting gave rise to a lively discussion between Mr. Adamus and HR specialists who had come to the event. The consultations were mainly focused on numerous discrepancies between duties imposed by legal acts and practice developed by HR departments. The participants of the HR Policy Group also had a chance to network with each other and exchange their professional experiences.