Past event

Balanced Investment Process - standards and procedures in the process of sustainable investment

The recent BPCC Real Estate and Construction policy group’s meeting took place on 5th June at the British Polish Business Centre and was focused on: Balanced Investment Process - standards and procedures in the process of sustainable investment

Magdalena Stretton, Sustainability Director at Gleeds made an introductory presentation.

Sustainable development is more than simply obtaining a BREAM or LEED certificate for your building. It's a philosophy embedded into the planning process from its outset, taking into account architecture, technology, environmental impact and the local community. It considers the possibility of changes in the law, as well as delays in project implementation or funding. Sustainable investment standards have existed around the world for many years. The EBRD and World Bank have procedures to mitigate economic, environmental or social risk. Other banks will only finance investments that have meet the requirements of the Equator Principles, a risk-management framework for assessing and managing environmental and social risks.

In Poland, however, use of sustainable development is mainly limited to large international investors. What can be done to convince Polish investors to plan new projects using sustainable investment principles? How can sustainable investment planning be used to anticipate potential problems that could lead to significant delays or even halt the investment? How can Poland build a tradition of dialogue between all stakeholders - investors, local communities, local authorities and NGOs?

This policy group meeting brought together investors and financial institutions to discuss how best to limit risk in project investment by adopting global best practice in sustainable investment planning. Speakers highlighted the role of stakeholders and how best to communicate with them.

The seminar ended with a panel discussion with participation of Magda Stretton (Gleeds), Anna Czaplicka (Grayling Polska), Leszek Drogosz (Biuro Infrastruktury, Urzad Warszawy) i Radosław Czapski (World Bank).