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Contact Online magazine keeps members informed about opportunities for bilateral trade, shares best practice, and offers practical advice about avoiding potential barriers when entering the UK or Polish markets. There’s useful information for doing business and for keeping up to date with BPCC events, members and recommended services. The magazine also provides members with news coverage, Chamber updates, professional advice and opinions from recognised experts and practitioners. Contact Online carries reports of BPCC meetings with senior ministers, articles from top experts on the Polish economy, information about new business opportunities. Articles are all proof-read by a native English speaker with a background in business journalism to ensure quality and consistency.

Issue No.

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Issue No. 28 (123) 2017

20 January

31 January 2017

Issue No. 29 (124) 2017

18 March

5 April 2017

Issue No. 30 (125) 2017

26 May

22 June 2017

Issue No. 31 (126) 2017

31 August

28 September 2017

Issue No. 32 (127) 2017

24 November

14 December 2017

For more information please contact: media@bpcc.org.pl