Currency risk

Currency risk – Ebury will update our members how the Brexit events influence the pound sterling

EU agrees to a 3-month Brexit extension (28 October 2019)

Sterling surged on Brexit optimism (21 October 2019)

UK business confidence weakens (7 October2019)

Brexit chaos affects Sterling (30 September 2019)

No-deal Brexit seems less likely (23 September 2019)

Markets focus on Brexit developments (5 September 2019)

Sterling ends the week as one of the best performing G10 currency (29 July 2019)

Markets await new UK prime minister (22 July 2019)

The extent of the effect of Brexit uncertainty on UK business and consumers remains unclear (15 July 2019)

Markets focus on Brexit uncertainty (1 July 2019)

Markets bet on Boris Johnson becoming the next prime minister (18 June 2019)

May resignation sends Sterling tumbling (28 May 2019)

Sterling falls sharply on the breakdown of May-Corbin Brexit (21 May2019)

Economic data defies Brexit uncertainty (14 May 2019)

Optimism boosts the Pound (7 May 2019)

Pound follows the Euro (29 April 2019)

Markets likely to focus on fundamentals (23 April 2019)

Brexit on temporary hold (15 April 2019)

Markets await Brexit extension (8 April 2019)

Sterling falls sharply on renewed Brexit uncertainty (1 April 2019)

May secures modest A50 extention (25 March 2019)

Sterling breaks to fresh highs as Parliament rules out hard Brexit (18 March 2019)

This week’s votes will determine the fate of the Pound (11 March 2019)

Sterling rally as prospect of no-deal Brexit fades (4 March 2019)

Sterling rises as political events lower chance of no-deal Brexit (25 February 2019)

No news is bad news for Sterling (18 February 2019)

Sterling rises against the Zloty but remains weak (11 February 2019)

Sterling plummets on hard Brexit fears (4 February 2019)

Sterling has continued to be driven almost entirely by Brexit developments in
the past few months
(28 January 2019)

Sterling strengthens as markets rule out no-deal Brexit scenario (28 January 2019)

Sterling bonuces as markets price in a softer Brexit (21 January 2019)

UK Parliament Votes on Brexit Deal – Reaction (15 January 2019)

No news is bad news for Sterling  (19 February 2019)