ul. Strzegomska 142A, West House 1B (3rd floor), 54-429 Wrocław

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Ilona Chodorowska

Branch Director Wrocław & Poznań

Mobile: +48 668 820 206
Email: ilona.chodorowska@bpcc.org.pl

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Kamila Radomska

Regional Consultant

Mobile: +48 663 427 113
Email: kamila.radomska@bpcc.org.pl

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Wrocław Office Events Coverage

Managing HR in manufacturing in an era of decreasing labour supply

The BPCC held a meeting of its Manufacturing Industries group at the premises of CeDo in Kąty Wrocławskie, 30km from the Lower Silesian capital, on 14 February 2017. The subject was the recruitment and retention of factory employees, something that local employers are finding increasingly difficult as unemployment in Poland falls to record low levels.

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Competence volunteering – volunteering programme of the future against employee experience

On 25th of January 2017 a seminar titled ,,Competence volunteering – volunteering programme of the future against employee experience" was held in the headquarters of Cognifide company in Poznań.

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Real Estate Forum in Poznań

On 23 of November BPCC held another edition of the Real Estate Forum in Andersia Hotel in Poznań. The agenda included the development and  qualities of the future real estate market of the city.

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