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Urszula Kwaśniewska

Branch Director Kraków & Katowice

Mobile: +48 660 761 961

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BPCC Kraków and South-East Region meeting in our new location

BPCC Kraków has successfuly started to operate from a new location. As of 16 May 2019, we work at the High5ive complex, a Skanska building located on ul. Pawia 9, right in the very heart of Kraków.

Start date: 2019-07-03 Venue: Business_link, ul. Pawia 9, Kraków Time: 05:30

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1st After Summer Business Cocktail in Gliwice

British-Polish Chamber of Commerce is becoming more and more active in the regions and organises activities at the sites of its members across south of Poland.

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The Robert Burns Night returns to Kraków

The event celebrating Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet, takes place in many places around the globe and is organised mainly by the British Chambers of Commerce operating in a number of countries.

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2017 Polish British Economic Forum in Kraków

This year's Polish British Economic Forum focused not so much on export to the UK, as it did in past years, but more on investing in Britain.

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