About BSI


BSI pioneered standards more than 115 years ago and today it is a market leader. BSI has gained trust of over 80,000 clients ranging from top global brands to small ambitious businesses in 182 countries worldwide. As one of the very few companies that really fully understands standards, BSI not only evaluates the level of meeting the requirements but also creates new standards from scratch and trains teams globally to use them and perform better.

BSI belongs to the group of companies incorporated by Royal Charter – code of ethical and business principles

BSI has 19 years of experience on the Polish market and almost 1000 clients. Within one year, BSI trains over 2100 people from all over Europe.

BSI Kitemark

BSI Kitemark™

BSI offers full range of research and certification services for products. These services include, among others, preliminary assessment, gap analysis, batch testing and complete verification of compliance. BSI – notified body, entitled to award CE marking, and the owner of trusted Kitemark™ brand – has one of the greatest opportunities for product testing and certification, as well as assistance in terms of obtaining access to global markets.

BSI Kitemark™ has existed from 1903 when it was defined as British Standard Mark. It was developed for the purpose of tramway rails – due to standardisation the number of applicable sizes was reduced from 75 to five. Today, BSI Kitemark™ can be found on thousands of products, from manhole covers to car parts, from safety locks to extinguishers and riding hats.

BSI Kitemark™ is one of the most recognised quality and safety symbols offering quantifiable benefits to the customers, businessmen and companies conducting supply business. The manufacturers holding BSI Kitemark™ belong to elite club associating top global companies and brands. Currently, it’s over 2500 organisations.

BSI Kitemark™ for products or services confirms that they are consistent with a specified standard. Under the certification process, BSI verifies and tests products in the broad range of programmes covering various consumer products and services, including window installation, car repair services, carriage of furniture during removal and electrical system installation.

BSI Services

BSI Services

The services offered by BSI enables organisations to develop ways to achieve the highest operation standards. The company aims at making excellence a habit for all customers.

BSI Group Polska offers its customers full spectrum of ISO certificates. These certificates inform clients, competitors, suppliers, employees and investors about the fact, that a given organisation applies the best practices recognised in the industry.

The company’s portfolio also comprises a wide range of ISO training. BSI’s services are addressed particularly to proxies, organisation’s management board, auditors, groups responsible for implementation and external consultants. Participation in such training allows you to understand standards and acquire knowledge necessary to implement, certify and audit ISO Management Systems. These services can be combined in comprehensive packages tailored to the needs of a particular organisation.

This comprehensive offer allows BSI to ensure personalised solutions, from creation of standards to training, assessment and ongoing support for services. Currently, the implementation of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – is the major problem for all personal data managing companies. Detailed information and training are available at


  • Product certification – CE marking and BSI Kitemark™

  • Product testing

  • Independent audits, ISO Management Systems certification

  • Open and dedicated training in terms of ISO

  • Conferences and webinars concerning ISO Management Systems

  • BSI Shop – sale of national and international standards

  • ENTROPY™ software supporting Management Systems

  • BSI offers a range of advanced tools to ensure security of supply chain and assistance of network of experts from all over the world

  • Verification of certificates of origin from cogeneration

  • Verification of greenhouse gas emission reports

  • Verification of certificates

  • Overall business management – Organisational Resilience.