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Buy or rent? What are young Poles choosing in 2019?

By Kinga Odziemek,CEO @BrainyBees
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If we were to pick a few milestones in most people’s lives, deciding on buying a property would be one of them. However, times have changed and not that many young people are on the lookout for owning property. It turns out that for many of them renting a flat is not a curse, but a blessing and a desire.

The genesis of the booming popularity of renting

While for baby boomers owning property was one of the life goals, for younger generations it does not have such an impact. They do not feel attached to places or properties, but to people. They are less loyal in terms of employment and do not hesitate for too long if they get a better job offer elsewhere. Renting a flat offers them the flexibility that they need as much as air. Being devoted to one place is not what they want: it doesn’t mean, though, that they don’t want to feel like home in a rented flat. That is why they strive for perfection in accommodation: they want cosy and comfortable apartments located in pleasant districts and furnished with high-quality equipment. Offering them flats in bad condition simply does not work since they have high requirements and won’t be happy with second best.

If you ask Millennials for the word that scares them the most, many of them would mention ‘mortgage’ as one of them. They don’t see mortgages as a sign of stability, but rather a sentence that makes them feel insecure or tied to one place. This change of approach impedes other changes.

What does it change?

Business investors have always seen the potential of buying properties and renting or selling them out afterwards, but now the trend hits private investors as well. The trend of investing in whole complexes for renting has skyrocketed in Poland.

Along with the increased demand are increased expectations in terms of accommodation and living standards. Generations who rock the labour market right now are not the easiest nut to crack for employers who need to live up to their expectations. Employers face the challenge of adapting and adjusting these trends to their strategy, and they often need to go the extra mile to attract candidates. One of the main benefits that can impact the success of recruitment is renting a flat for newbies in the company. This can help them make a decision about relocation and accept the offer of that particular organisation.

It does not come as a surprise that companies are looking for a reliable partner who can support the renting processes. While renting a flat for one person can be relatively easy (but still can cause several problems on the way), multiple renting arrangements can be nothing but a pain in the neck. That is why companies like Resi4Rent can come in handy and save the day.

Meet Resi4Rent

Resi4Rent seems to be the perfect match since the company focuses not only on individual tenants but also supporting companies who are looking for solutions to relocate their staff, open a new office in a new city or attract new candidates through benefits. If your organisation is seeking expansion, taking care of accommodation for new members of staff can be a bargaining chip during recruitment processes.

Resi4Rent is a project co-created by the most experienced representatives of the real estate market. The planning, design and execution of the investment are managed by Echo Investment, one of the largest developers in Poland (30% shares). The second shareholder is a recognised investment fund of global importance (70%). The quality of services provided is supervised by a valued team of asset managers, Griffin Real Estate. The platform already has 1,700 flats in construction and 2,700 at an advanced stage of planning, with a goal of 7,000 apartments to be built and rented throughout Poland.  This renting platform manages the project from conception to completion, taking care of investment, management and renting processes. The first tenants are to move already in 2019, and investments are already seen by 2022. Business partners can choose between strategic locations such as Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Łódz, Gdańsk and Poznań, where apartments are being built in prestigious areas of those cities.

Why Resi4Rent?

Resi4Rent is the perfect answer to the growing needs and expectations, and partnering with the firm does not end with the final signature on the agreement.

Resi4Rent provides with 24/7 service, dedicated consultants and transparent rules, as well as impressive flexibility, with possibilities of relocating and transferring between locations and apartments. You are given the choice between the largest cities in Poland, where apartments are located close to the city centre and at a convenient distance from business hubs. This helps your employees stay happy and motivated, and feel like home even if it is only rented. Modern and consistent standard of finishing in buildings and apartments can help you win your employees’ hearts and meet their requirements, since they may not care where they live, but how and in what conditions they live is crucial.

With Resi4Rent, you do not need to worry about management that would definitely be troublesome in terms of renting flats for numerous people at the same time. The transparency of the rental process is undisputable: predictable monthly fees, reasonable prices close to market ones and no hidden costs make the whole procedure simply pleasant. You receive full access to a panel for management that helps keep all rental agreements on track. With one monthly invoice for all of the services, managing is simply a piece of cake.


Bearing in mind the growing trend of renting a flat instead of buying property, companies seek potential in renting as a benefit for their staff.

Multiple renting for business purposes is not a future trend: it is happening now. You can try to do it all manually but eventually give up, dealing with various companies and looking for accommodation in different parts of the city. It does not necessarily sound like fun. Or, alternatively, you can cooperate within solutions like Resi4Rent and let them work their magic for you and your employees.

More information: Kinga Gawor +48 884 202 495; kgawor@r4r.pl  r4r.pl

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