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Target: innovation

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Targi Kielce's spotlight on innovativeness

The 3rd International Expo of Innovativeness and New Technologies Inno-Tech Expo was a 1,200m² showcase for 86 companies, which between them attracted over 1,100 visitors to delve into the world of innovativeness.  The 4th Expo will be held on 27 and 28 October 2016; a further step in the journey to discover intriguing projects and ground-breaking developments.  

“The third meeting with innovativeness resulted in really favourable feedback from exhibitors and visitors. Inno-Tech Expo is still a new brand, yet it’s been rapidly developing. The list of companies which have declared their presence at Targi Kielce's autumn event is constantly increasing,” says Andrzej Mochoń, president of the board of Targi Kielce.  “Poland's economy is focused on broadly-defined innovation,” says Dr Mochoń.  “One such examples is the recently-founded Innovation Council whose aim is to supervise and foster innovation-focused activities.  The Kielce event is in line with this trend; thus the Expo is set to become Poland's largest innovation event,” he says.

Theory and practice at your fingertips

Poland’s economy is eagerly looking for solutions to 21st-century needs.  Strong dynamics and constant evolution can be observed, if one keeps abreast of the ground-breaking technologies and the market of customer and corporate oriented innovative solutions. New-to-market products are soon modernised and aligned with the ever-growing needs and requirements.  

The Expo is thus the best showcase for the emerging technologies, developments and innovations.  Conferences, lectures and seminars focus on the industry's  most topical issues; they are even more attractive because participants are offered hands-on experience – they can touch and test inventions. Ever since it was created, the Inno-Tech Expo has been held in this format.   

Where business meets science

Science and research centres as well as smart young innovators are in the centre of attention at the Kielce exhibition.  In workshops and laboratories they’ve worked out new concepts and ideas; now the new developments are presented publicly and thus stand a chance to gain prospective investors' and market interest. Targi Kielce boasts many years of experience as an exhibition and congress organiser. Such events are important for developing academic careers; they are also instrumental for developing profitable businesses. The 4th International Expo of Innovativeness and New Technologies continues this tradition.

Join us at Inno-Tech Expo 2016! 27-28 October 2016!

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